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Unity Awards

Every year, we choose one parent or caregiver and one educator to receive the RISPTO Unity Award. The award recognizes efforts to bring our school community closer together, through volunteering, compassion, school spirit and/or other exceptional qualities and efforts. 

Congratulations to our 2022 winners, parent
Kristin Angelov and school nurse Taylor Joyce.

Kristin's work on behalf of Rogers RISing has been never-ending. From grocery gift cards to a holiday "boutique" for children who couldn't otherwise give their parents a holiday gift, Kristin is always caring for our neediest of families. In addition to our usual fundraising efforts, Kristin secured several large grants and donations from several local companies and corporations and raised thousands of dollars that go directly into the hands of those who need it most. 

Taylor Joyce spent the past year -- her first year at RIS -- holding hands of students, staff, and families as we took small steps through the pandemic. She made time for anyone who had a question – whether on a school day, weekend or vacation. She helped our Tiny Terrapins wash their hands and wear masks. When we returned to the cafeteria, she met with every grade to listen to student concerns and ensure all felt safe. She did all of this while comforting the students wedged in a tree and another stuck in playground equipment. Countless band aids and ice packs later, she is an RIS super hero.

Previous winners include:




















                                              Melissa Hoffman 
                                              and Josh Sette, 2019




Jill Luciani and
Evon Malloy, 2018


sette and hoffman unity.jpg
luciani malloy unity.jpg

Andrea Banyas and the RIS
custodial team, 2021

Cara Denison and 
Suzanne Zaleski, 2020

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