Unity Awards

Every year, we choose one parent or caregiver and one educator to receive the RISPTO Unity Award. The award recognizes efforts to bring our school community closer together, through volunteering, compassion, school spirit and/or other exceptional qualities and efforts. 

Congratulations to our 2020 winners, third-grade teacher Cara Denison and parent Suzanne Zaleski.


Cara Denison showed leadership and innovation in communicating with the RIS community during the school closure in spring 2020. She kept our families engaged and engaged via social media, Peachjar and the #terrapinstrong activities. She's also an amazing teacher who sang a song for her students after the school closure announcement.

Suzanne Zaleski has been an involved parent for many, many years, while her four children attended RIS. She ran school-picture day for 12 years and has been involved in fundraising, musicals, orientations, school tours and much more. She advocated for IB programs to continue in high school and helped transition RIS from the old building to the new building. 

The previous winners are:

  • Melissa Hoffman and Josh Sette, 2019

  • Jill Luciani and Evon Malloy, 2018


sette and hoffman unity.jpg
luciani malloy unity.jpg