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Stay on top of upcoming events and the latest news from the PTO:


  • The Current is our email newsletter that goes out during the school year, usually on Sundays. It is sent through our school directory list. If you aren't receiving it and would like to, please be sure your information in the directory is up to date. More info is here. If your info is updated and you still don't receive it,  please email us at: That’s also the address to use if you want to submit information for the newsletter. 


  • Facebook and Instagram are updated throughout the week. Follow us on both: @rogersinternationalpto. 


  • Our Web site is updated regularly and includes our payment portal, where you can pay online for most PTO events and make direct donations to the PTO. You’ll also see a list of upcoming events, volunteer info, a link to our uniform store and much more. It’s updated regularly throughout the week. To add information or if you have questions, please contact us at



To stay in touch with RIS and Stamford Public Schools, check out the following:



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