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Our Team
Getting involved with the PTO is a great way to meet parents, staff and teachers and have direct input into the programs and activities we plan throughout the year. Plus, it's fun!
We are in the midst of planning for the 2023 to 2024 school year. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at In addition, we have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. They are posted here on our website, in our weekly newsletter and on social media. To be contacted whenever we have one-time volunteer opportunities, please email us at

Executive Board


Vice Presidents



Treasurer, Payables

Treasurer, Receivables


Anti-Racism Committee

Board of Ed

Book Fair



Green Team


PT Council 

Rogers RISing

Room Parent Coordinator

Social, Lower School

Social, Upper School

Strawberry Hill Liaison

Teacher Rep, Upper School

Teacher Rep, Lower School


Essential and Committee Members

Half-Day Movie Coordinator

Learning to Look


School Photos



Melinda Anderson and Andrea Banyas 

Faith Johnson and Alison Malloy

Lis Estrada

Katie Schaller

Katie Brilli


Mónica Godoy-Carias and Rajiv Tandon

Melinda Anderson

Kasia Derza and Michelle Supple


Andrea Banyas

Alex Riley and Maria Riccardelli

Robin Heraghty

Philo Bishay and Lauren Guzada

Leigh Morfoot

Kristin Angelov

Faith Johnson

Brittany Werthman and Panthea O'Connell

Christine Miller

Faith Johnson

Tracey O'Neill


Jennifer Barr Taylor

Tammy Toth

Melinda Anderson and Tammy Toth


Denise Campos and Amina Chal


Claudia Maclochlainn

Chelsea Williams, Tammy Toth, Brittany Werthman, Maureen Forte, Faith Johnson

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