Student Directory Update

Our Student Directory is in the process of being created, and should be ready for you by Open School Night (Sep 19th, 2019). In trying to stay "green," you will no longer be provided with paper copies of the directory and handbook.

The student directory provides a full roster of students by homeroom and by grade so that parents can access contact information of other parents in their child's classroom (for purposes of playdates, party invitations, or just generally "get to know" who's in your child's homeroom).

The student directory will be made available online (via web and app) and you can still print at your leisure. Be assured that this is made available ONLY to parents of students at Rogers International School via a list provided by the Stamford School District.

You will receive an email invitation with your login credentials from Membership ToolKit where you can edit your contact information and choose what to exclude from showing.

Unfortunately the MySchoolAnywhere platform was bought out by Membership ToolKit, so you will have to re-verify your information.

**To ensure that you receive the invitation, please contact the school to ensure they have your correct email address on file. If you've already been receiving the Current newsletter last year, then you are all set.

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