Feeling Safe Program

RIS is dedicated to helping to ensure that our kids know what it means to "Feel Safe." In this program, your children are offered a comprehensive health and safety education program to teach them:

  • how to promote,

  • maintain, and

  • protect their health & safety - as well as making decisions to their own health.

The "Feeling Safe" program is part of the Stamford Public Schools curriculum and designed to:

  • promote personal safety,

  • teach children how to be assertive

  • importance of NOT keeping secrets that are scary, harmful and/or painful

  • teach empathy

  • teach conflict resolution

  • and how to identify feelings.

Older children will learn about:

  • conflict resolution

  • harrassment

  • peer relationships

  • social media safety

Click here for a complete schedule by classroom (starting on page 2).

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