SPEF Educator Award Nominations

Each year the Stamford Public Education Foundation, (SPEF) hosts the Excellence in Education Awards.

Please fill out this online form OR email our PTO VP Leigh Morfoot at leigh@kinobserver.com by Saturday, January 12 with your nomination(s) and a brief summary of why you think the person is deserving. I will summarize the entries and put it to a PTO Board vote the week following.

The event allows the Foundation the opportunity to recognize individuals and businesses who have demonstrated excellent service in support of Stamford education.

SPEF is seeking nominations from Stamford’s PTOs, PFOs, and PTSOs for their school’s Educator Award nominee. All nominees will be recognized at SPEF’s annual Excellence in Education Awards and the winner will receive a $1,000 Classroom Donation.

It is time for us to nominate an educator at Rogers for this year’s award. In 2016, Mr. Joe was the co-winner and last year we nominated Mr. Argenio.

The criteria is:

• Enhances student learning with enrichment • Embraces community collaboration by bringing outside resources into the classroom • Demonstrates a commitment to continuous professional development of self and others

• Exemplifies a commitment to supporting the Stamford Community.

It can be a teacher, para, administrator or other educator.

To give you some ideas, here are the previous nominees and why they deserved to win!

"I’d like to nominate Samantha Spielman, the math specialist. Her passion for and dedication to enabling students to learn and enjoy math are visible and important.I’ve seen Samantha helping middle schoolers who were struggling in the accelerated math program to succeed. She knew that individualized attention and tutoring in the morning would go a long way to ensuring their understanding of the subject matter. Samantha found a caring and knowledgeable teacher to dedicate two mornings a week to the children and they did thrive."

"Mike Argenio (6th grade) is annually considered to be a favorite teacher by his students because he engages his subject matter in an interesting way that grabs his students attention and makes learning fun. He cares about his students development in school and activities. He is a coach and supporter of all school events including plays, learning events, bingo and ice cream socials. He is the teacher that high school students come back to visit. He also develops strong relationships with parents."

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