Principal's Message regarding Bus 172 9/25 Weather Event

POSTED ON: SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 - 9:38AM (Reposted from SPS Website)

Thanks to Mr. Foley who drove Mrs. Argenio's jeep and stood in the water as each boat was unloaded! Thanks to Mrs. Argenio, Mrs. Maher, Dr. Costanzo, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Smegal, Mrs. Bevill and Nurse Malloy who manned the phones and had pizza, water and dry clothes waiting when we got back here!

Thank you to the Stamford Fire Department and Stamford Police Department for all of their assistance in keeping our students safe and secure. Also, thank you from Ms. Cummings to the caring residents of Dale Street who provided me with paper towels!

Bus 172 did become stranded on Dale Street due to flooding.

There were 31 students on board who were taken from the bus in a small boat with life jackets by the Stamford Fire Department. We decided to bring the bus back to R.I.S. as we were not sure of the accessibility of all of the streets on the bus stops. Parents picked up the students at R.I.S.

Every one of the rescuers complimented the students on their calm, positive attitude, and ability to follow directions. That is a compliment to every parent and staff member who has taught our students how to react in an emergency and live the IB Learner Profile!

Thanks to all of you, everyone is fine. If any of your students have questions or concerns, please let Mrs. Argenio or Ms. Giannattasio know!

Click here for a video of the rescue efforts.

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