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School Closing, Delayed Opening, Early Release, or Regular Schedule Decisions

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools to determine whether there is a delayed opening, an early dismissal, a school closure, or a regular school day schedule during inclement weather. Any decision made by the Superintendent is a complex one that involves the consideration of many factors. And, any decision will have a significant impact on staff, students, and families alike. Students are best served by being in school, however student safety is our top priority.

Delayed openings are always two-hours. Early releases will follow the early release schedule for the school the student attends. If there is an early release, all after-school activities will be canceled. For your child's school's schedule, go to School Bell Times.

There are several ways to get alerted:

  1. Subscribe to automatic "district alerts":

  2. Follow the up Superintendent on Twitter: @SPSSuper

  3. Automated call from the district:

  • Between 5:45 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., you will receive an automated call to your school-designated home number, to inform you of a change in schedule.

  • If an emergency or change in schedule occurs during the school day, the automated calling system will call ALL emergency numbers you provided to your school. Be sure your emergency numbers are up to date at all times. Report any changes in writing to your student's school.

  1. For Local media outlets, read on the SPS website:

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