Board of Education/PT Council Meetings

Below is information on recent board of education (BOE) and PT council meetings. Co-president Leigh Morfoot regularly attended summer meetings, so her summaries are available below.

Additional information is available here:


Aug. 11 Special Board Meeting

Reopening plan presentation

Aug. 10 PT Council Meeting

Q&A with Tamu Lucero, Amy Beldotti and Mike Fernandez

Aug. 4 Board Meeting

Public comments on possible reopening plans, followed by feedback from Dr. Lucero and BOE members. Discussion of CARES Act and food program.

July 28 Board Meeting

Re-entry discussions. Statement on racial bias and injustice. 

July 22 Board Meeting

Re-opening plan presentation in compliance with with state-mandated guidelines. General overview with considerable facilities details.

July 13 PT Council Meeting

Superintendent Tamu Lucero shares her thoughts hours after receiving the state guidelines for a full fall reopening. 

June 23 Board Meeting 

SPS presentation on possible re-entry plan for the 2020 to 2021 school year (prior to state guidelines being released)

June 30 Special Board Meeting

Budget changes and phase IV distance learning presentation by Superintendent Tamu Lucero

June 16 Special Board Meeting

Phase III distance teaching and learning with summer-school update and budget and staff reductions